Sireh Floral Creating: Modern



Learn how to create a modern sireh junjung!

In this 4 to 5-hours workshop, learn building a floral structure of the sireh junjung, attach its flowers and you have your item ready for a wedding!

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Sireh Floral Creating: Modern

A 4 to 5-hours workshop, learn to build a modern sireh junjung, an emblem used in a Malay wedding.

Usually placed on the dais, your arrangement will definitely be nice to look at but creating a sireh junjung does have its set of challenges.


Along with the know-hows of flower conditioning to ensure your piece stays fresh throughout the event, learn how to build this floral structure whilst making sure your piece should not (and we really mean it as SHOULD NOT) topple over during the occasion.


What You Will Learn:

1. The materials used and where to get supplies

2. Structure building from scratch and ensuring stability

3. Conditioning flowers and arranging them into your masterpiece

4. And you get to bring your masterpiece home!


Course Suitability: A one session of 4 to 5-hours workshop for ages 16 years old onwards

Maximum Class Size: 4 seats/ intake in our premise

Fee: SGD$149.90/ person (most materials inclusive)

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