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Combining Art & Education
Since 2016

Established in April 2016, Craftastic (CTT) is a Singapore-based business entity with an aim to advocate the journey of learning for adults and children alike.

We believe learners experience optimal learning when faced with challenges, trying to create things handmade or handcrafted.

When challenged, their minds unlearn, learn and conceptualise transformational learning methods of their own, allowing them to incept articles beyond their capability from the fundamentals they learn from our workshops.

With this in mind, Craftastic; a centre offering kinaesthetic learning through handicrafts of all sorts, was set up.

Our Mission

To inspire, enrich and educate people through the power of making, developing creativity and innovation, making our business the preferred kineaesthetic learning centre.


#02-29 Millage
55 Changi Road
Singapore 419709

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