Craft up easy, breezy, and low maintenance mini eco-systems of succulents emulating a desert landscape and indoor plants as tiny rainforests to freshen up your home.

Fresh Flower Bouquet Arrangement

Craft up a personalised flower bouquet with this fresh flower bouquet workshop!  Learn how to create beautiful floral arrangements with delicate fresh flowers to make your feelings clear to your special someone.

Mug Calligraphying

Be guided and learn basic strokes, the writing angle and pressure and impress your loved ones with a personalised calligraphy message written on a mug!  It sure is a special way of spending quality time with your family and friends!

A studio specialising in a myriad of crafts workshops, Craftastic offers those with idle hands, regardless of age and race, from all walks of life and from different backgrounds something to focus their sights on.


String a bead and create your own jewellery, upcycle old pieces of furniture with napkins, knead and form practical and functional items with clay right to the basics of choosing and arranging fresh flowers for a hand bouquet good to be presented on special occassions, you’ll surely find something to start on with your hands!


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