Moss Wall Art Arrangement



Carefully created with preserved mosses, a moss wall art is a preferred choice among homeowners as well as corporates, as it enhances aesthetic beauty and offers an assorted array of functional perks. It is certainly a type of green wall that is growing in popularity across Singapore.
In our 2-hours workshop, create gorgeous wall art in the design you call your own using low-maintenance preserved moss.
We are sure you will get to hone your creative skills when creating and preparing your arrangement.


What You Will Learn:
1. Principles and elements of composition design
2. Color harmony
3. The materials used and where to get supplies
4. Drafting and preparing your arrangement
5. And you get to bring your masterpiece home!


Course Suitability: A one session of 2-hours workshop
Maximum Class Size: 4 seats/ intake in our premise
Other Notes: Inclusive of materials

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