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Upcycle items you no longer need into a piece of art through decoupage.

In this 5 sessions of 3-hours workshop, participants will be equipped on the know-hows of converting different medium items into exquisite home decor items  using different methods.

Key Takeaways

1. The Sponging & Blending Technique
2. The Stencil Technique
3. The Marbling Technique
4. The Wood Stripping Technique
5. The Wood Distress Technique
6. And you get to bring home all 5 creations too!


Course Suitability: Suitable for learners with/ without prior experience yet keen to embark on an upcycling mission Maximum Class Size: 6 seats/ intake
Fee: SGD$300/ person (inclusive materials)



In this workshop, participants will be taught 6 different projects over 2 sessions of 3-hours and get equipped with essential knowledge from handling the appropriate tools to working with the different types of wires and strings.


Key Takeaways

1. Hands-on and assembly practice
2. And you get to bring home your own creations too!

Course Suitability: Suitable for learners with/ without prior jewellery making experience
Maximum Class Size: 6 seats/ intake
Fee: SGD$250/ person (inclusive of materials)

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